Digital Life Artist, as an enterprise of the new economy, produces and markets knowledge through three major channels: publications, seminars, and consulting. We guide individuals and businesses on how to use information and communication technologies (ICT) to enable a more natural, productive, and happier paperless work and lifestyle.
Tap into Digital Life Artist's experience, expertise, and knowledge about ICT-enabled paperless practices and work/lifestyle design.
Digital Life Artist will develop tailored solutions for your specific conditions to achieve paperless work/life-style, and business operations.
Let Digital Life Artist plant the seeds of change. Learn how to implement paperless, work/life -styles though motivational coaching seminars.
Digital Life Artist will work with you to develop a variety of tailored products and services which will meet your specific needs.
Digital Life Artist continuously screens the technological and economic frontier, updating its knowledge base in accordance with the latest trends and developments. We use this information to develop intelligent ICT-based living and earning solutions and work/lifestyle designs.
Digital Life Artist Inc provides guidance on paperless work and lifestyles, and how to enjoy the many paperless advantages, both for individuals and organizations.
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