"Whereas knights of old wore armor of plate, the modern knights wear the invisible but magic armor of confidence in technology."
Modified from Mike Spick.

While we are continuously exposed to a great range of ICT devices and applications, each one of which is usually accompanied by a comprehensive user manual when purchased, there is only limited available guidance on how to utilize these ICTs in an integrated manner. For instance, when we purchase a laptop, we know that its portability allows us to work on it from multiple locations. But we're left alone to figure out the other necessary ICTs that we'll need to use, as well as the changes in work practices that we'll need to make in order to successfully evolve a time-flexible and location-independent paperless working style.

A key to taking full advantage of information and communication technologies is to decrease dependence on paper-based documents and practices and to essentially become paperless. Our publications, seminars and consultations will convince you to initiate the change process and will provide thorough guidance in your quest to become a paperless time and location flexible Digital Life Artist.

While many readers may already have advanced in some or all of the practices and ideas that we promote, there will still be plenty of novel concepts and applications to implement. Taking these steps will bring you further along the road towards earning a living in a more natural, productive, and pleasant way.

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Paperless work practices can enable the relocation of the traditional work space. Information and communication technology allows for performing work in highly stimulating environments that are more conducive to innovation, productivity, and physical and mental health.
Paperless practices can greatly facilitate the implementation of telecommuting and dispersed work styles, which are dependent on a high degree of mobility and the ability to efficiently communicate and exchange documents over long distances.
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