In today's business environment, an electronic, paperless style of management and operations can have a huge impact on process efficiency in terms of speed and dynamics, and hence on competitiveness and profits.

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient tomorrow." 
William Pollard.

While dispersed working styles are largely dependent on paperless practices, some companies may still need to perform work in a centralized office environment. These companies will also gain greatly by going paperless.
Digital Life Artist Inc was established in 2008 by George Dimopoulos PhD MBA, also known as the paperless professor. The company provide conceptual, theoretical, and practical guidance to organizations and individuals seeking to transit to paperless work- & lifestyles, and business operations via the use of information and communication technology (ICT). Digital Life Artist Inc propose custom-adapted and seamlessly integrated ICT systems and paperless work practices, empowering clients to achieve business leverage through productivity enhancement and cost savings. With general and tailored publications, seminars, and consulting services, Digital Life Artist Inc can help you achieve your paperless goals.

In the fast-approaching future, businesses operations and competitiveness will be 100% reliant on seamlessly integrated paperless ICT systems. Citizens will through ICT -based paperless practices have greater freedom in choosing where to live and when to work; many of them will simply no longer be forced to adapt their lifestyles to work locations and schedules.

To convince and motivate businesses and individuals to implement and sustain paperless practices. To provide the most up-to-date guidance - both general and tailored - on the integration of ICT, paperless business operations, and lifestyle, and to thereby enable increased productivity, more efficient business practices, and a higher quality of life. Digital Life Artist Inc prepares individuals and organizations for a future in which paperless work practices are essential ingredients in the quest to compete, survive and enjoy a quality of life.

Digital Life Artist Inc provide businesses and individuals with the necessary momentum to pursue their paperless goal. Digital Life Artist Inc guides individuals and organizations through the change process on the road to ICT integration, and ultimately to paperless work and lifestyles. Our method involves tailored motivational seminars, workshops and consulting services, to create a more permissive environment for paperless acceptance and sustainability. Digital Life Artist Inc continuously screens the technological and economic frontiers, updating its knowledge base in accordance with the latest trends and developments to develop tomorrow's intelligent ICT-based work/life solutions and designs.

Social Responsibility
Digital Life Artist Inc promotes business and life practices that are largely beneficial to the environment, and they promote equality and education.
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